How To "Bypass Your Connection Is Not Private" Error

Sometimes you see the “Your connection is not private” error page if you are trying to access a https server while there is no ssl certificate. This post tells you a simple trick to bypass that.

When you are doing web development work, it’s very normal to see something like this.

your connection is not private

This typically means that the website does not have a valid ssl certificate, and it is not trust worthy. Although it is not ideal to have this in production environment, it is safe to bypass it in a dev environment. This post tells you how to bypass it.

Option 1

Normally, you can click on the Advanced button on the left bottom corner, and another button will show up on the bottom.

proceed to website

Click on the “Proceed to … (unsafe)” will allow you to bypass the error page.

Option 2

Sometimes, even if you press the Advanced button, there is still no option for you to bypass. In such a case, type in thisisunsafe in your browser will help you bypass the error page.